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If you ask many people the kind of furniture they would like to have in their homes, they will readily reply with such surety that will leave no doubt that they actually know what blends perfectly with their home’s interior décor. However, one challenge that remains is finding a reliable furniture supplier. We all have been there; where you order a piece of furniture, only to realize it is the exact opposite of what you desired. However, one client stands out from the rest when it comes to the supply of furniture that stand the test of time and come with a touch of class. That client is Amish Direct Furniture so join me as I take you through some of the reasons you may want to order Amish made furniture.

Why Amish?

To begin with, Amish furniture are American made and are 100% hand-crafted so you can truly vouch for the originality in them. Each furniture piece is subjected through high-end craftsmanship by the company’s craftsmen and so as to prove that that is indeed true, you will not find any pressboards or veneers in their furniture sets.

Another great benefit of ordering Amish Direct furniture is that the entire furniture making process is focused on the client as opposed to the company simply owning the process. The company offers lots of options to its clients where you get to pick your preferred options according to your tastes and preferences. They allow you to choose your wood quality, stain, optional specialty finishes among other features that you consider unique to your house.

Amish Direct offers a variety of furniture to suit your needs so whether you are looking to spice up your interior décor or are looking for exterior furniture to add to your outdoor ambience, you can trust them to deliver. Their outdoor furniture sets are designed in high-quality timber so that they are not only durable but also able to brave the fury of the elements.


Having been in the industry for close to decades now, this company based in Utica has endeavored to make furniture that meets the varied needs of their clients. This can be attested to by the numerous positive reviews on the company as posted by past clients. Take advantage of their 45% discount on deliveries for purchases worth $7000 or over. Feel free to click here to order Amish made furniture or go on their website and read more on the company.